About Us

about us

The Starcolt team out and about in Wellington.

Starcolt is an independent games studio based in central Wellington, New Zealand. Established at the beginning of 2019, Starcolt is part of the Alliance Media studio group alongside Zachtronics and primarily focuses on developing simulation games of all types. Our byline, “we deal in feels” perfectly encapsulates the kinds of experiences we’re out to create, combining simulation and narrative game mechanics to form empathetic, engaging titles that forge new ground.

Starcolt strives to be an ethical workplace that prides itself on inclusion, community and creativity. The following pillars are super important to our team:


Our studio is based around telling stories, and stories need to be told from and contributed to by diverse voices. We believe diverse perspectives make a better, stronger studio and product.


We like to think outside the box and figure out new ways of tinkering things to work. Whether that’s rethinking how a genre functions mechanically, or exploring next technical avenues, we like to explore.


We believe the best way to grow is by sharing and communication. Starcolt strongly believes in the value of community, whether that’s giving back to the local games community, the wider Wellington city community, or the community and fans based around our own titles.

Our home town - views from Mt. Victoria!