Lucy is an internationally acclaimed game & UI/UX designer, previously having worked for studios such as Duesseldorf’s Ubisoft Bluebyte and Wellington’s PikPok. Now taking up the helm of directing Starcolt, her specialties include radial menus, romance game mechanics and selecting dog .gifs for tweets.

Lucy Morris

Studio & Creative Director

Brianna is our starry eyed artist! Previously she has worked at studios such as Weta Workshop and Aurora44, currently with two commercial titles under her belt. She specialises in illustration and 3D environmental art, but most importantly making all things sparkle and shine! She is very passionate about diverse, honest games and cultivating her craft close to her heart.

Brianna Fromont

Game Artist

Lexa is a programmer from Melbourne, with a background in indie games and game-like research projects. She loves cheese, heavy metal and animals, and lives to push the boundaries of what games can do and make us feel!

Lexa Francis

Game Programmer